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Our Process

We perform high quality transfers of your original 8mm and 16mm home movie films to 1080p video files

3" rolls = 50 feet, 5" reels = 200 feet, 6" reels = 300 feet, 7" reels = 400 feet

  • We clean your film with a specialized film cleaner, lubricant and preservative.

  • We repair any broken splices and inspect for damaged film which will not run through our transfer system.

  • We scan each film frame individually using a high definition film scanning system.

  • We manually color correct your film using the latest video editing software.

  • We supply you with digital copies of your films on hard drive or thumb drive.

Our Pricing

Silent Regular 8mm Film / Super8 Film / 16mm film:

30 cents per foot

Super8 Magnetic Sound Film & 16mm Optical Sound Film:

50 cents per foot

We can also burn your film files to discs

Standard Definition DVDs: Master DVD $10, additional copies $10 each

High Definition Blu-ray discs: Master Blu-ray $35, additional copies $15 each

We require a 50% deposit with your initial order.

Optional Enhancements

Add Music or Record an Audio Commentary Track to Add to Your Films

please inquire for details