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Our Process

We perform high quality transfers of your original home video recordings to .mp4 files on your portable hard drive or thumb drive.

Video Formats We Can Transfer

VHS, VHS-C, S-VHS Tapes, 8mm Video Cassettes, MiniDV & HDV Tapes, BetaMax & 3/4" Umatic Cassettes,

DVDs & MiniDVDs, Memory Cards, & Hard Drive Based Camcorders.

Our Pricing

We charge $19.95 to transfer to a tape hard drive or thumb drive (up to 2-hours of video).

We can also burn your video files to discs

Standard Definition DVDs: Master DVD $10, additional copies $10 each

High Definition Blu-ray discs: Master Blu-ray $25, additional copies $15 each

We have a $35 minimum charge and require a 50% deposit with your initial order.  Quantity discounts are available.